This week just isn’t working for me, I’m in a slump.

So I’m going to force myself to feel good by listing all those things I’m grateful for and things to look forward to and the flipside to all that’s going wrong in my life.

  • Sunday fish curry meal and Appam and Chicken Stew at parents’
  • Budapest in September
  • Chechi, for being my personal motivation goddess and for being the most hard working and accomplished 28 year old I’m personally acquainted with and basically living a #goals life
  • My lovely, airy apartment with my huge ass bed with the best flatmates ever.
  • S for being my daily support system + rant listener + gym bud + setting ridiculously high standards for how respectfully I should be treated by men and basically always being there for me
  • Nirupama for memes + support + being an absolute bundle of joy and cuteness + always being there for me
  • A well paying job which doesn’t stress the fuck out of me to the point of hair loss and also lets me afford my extreme self-care lifestyle
  • The massage scheduled for 7 pm today
  • Puberty turned me gor-fucking-geous!
  • Gym membership at the sexiest gym I’ve been to with the most fun group sessions. Too bad I’m missing Zumba today. Will have to run a whole extra kilometre tomorrow to make up for the 3 sessions I’m missing this week
  • A holiday on Friday, long weekend YESS
  • Roadtrip with S on Saturday followed by workout, followed by making dosa + my world famous coconut chutney for him YESS
  • Family time on Sunday
  • Roark for being really corny and saying corny things and making me smile
  • ACELC certification next month
  • A blog that does decently well for itself despite being so random and niche-less

Work’s slow but that’s alright because I’ve time to focus on my blog and my life coaching certification and all those 73547 emails I’m randomly sending brands for collaborations.

I got left but that’s alright because I had the most amazing one month being absolutely head over heels in love getting pampered silly and treated really well. I now know that I’m worthy of love and extravagant gestures and I actually make for a really good girlfriend considering the insane amount of love I have to give. Also in retrospect did I really want to spend the limited time I have on this miracle of a planet with someone who couldn’t ever discuss difficult things with me and couldn’t at the end of the day mean all that he said? Nope. Love will find me again. And I will find love again.

Not hitting the gym today but I’m getting a massage and meeting a friend. And those are enjoyable things. Perhaps I’ll do that 15 minute YouTube Zumba workout with the flatmate after I’m done. Plus I really watched my diet today. AND working out isn’t a chore I ever want to start to hate, it’s fun and it’s me taking care of this beautiful body I’m blessed with. I’ll kill core and legs tomorrow YASS.

I feel tons better already! There is much to look forward to. I’m out of the dreadful yet wisdom invoking slump.


When you love life, life loves you right back! xx





Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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