And love is kind, gentle and everything I’ve ever dreamt of.

Love is also an incredibly stubborn Gemini. *intensely rolls eyes*

I mean but really, it’s when I peer into his eyes whilst he’s holding me close that it hits me hard sometimes. It’s happened.

Here stands a man who looks at me with love in his eyes, who tries hard to always bring smiles on my lips. But really, he doesn’t need to do anything at all. His presence makes me smile from deep within my deliriously happy soul. The flowers, I will however admit, I’ll never get tired of. Roses, the reddest of them, are lovely. And more so, the notes that come with it. He spoils me like a pampered bratty little princess. I’ll admit this too, as much as it makes me feel guilty and awkward, I love it.

God, I can only hope I make him even half as happy as he makes me.

Here is a man who doesn’t shy away from ever holding my hand always and covering my face with a million kisses. The tightest, longest hugs. Cute, corny blow kisses over the phone.

I’m blessed.

Long distance is hard, but the wait somehow makes it all the more romantic when we do finally meet.

1800 kilometres. Video calls help.

Contrary to my assumptions, I’m not as tough as I thought. The fights kill me. I’m also not as independent and badass as I thought, I’m hella needy. Somebody give this man an award.

But coming back to what I was saying, I’m mostly in a state of chronic disbelief but occasionally it really does hit me. And my heart wells up. Emotions overwhelm me. It’s incredible how much affection I’m capable of feeling. Who would’ve thought.

His smile makes my heart melt into a little puddle, readers. I lose my mind. I’m obsessed.

Surprisingly it’s exactly how I imagined it would be. I guess I always did it just to test it out, in good faith yes, but ultimately an experiment, but I no longer think the whole The Secret and the law of attraction jazz is a myth. I imagined, I hoped, I wrote, I received.



Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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