Last week I got to visit the most lovely little Andhra place in Indiranagar, Aaha Andhra.

My first impression as I stepped out of the auto was, ayy, need to get S to click my picture for the gram and then immediate regret for not having done my hair because the restaurant’s entrance is absolutely lovely. Quite aesthetic. For an Andhra place, the architecture and the interiors aren’t typical at all, it looks more like a modern cafe you could go on Sundays for brunches. Lots of yellow. LOVE.

Here are a mixture of picture I clicked of the ambience and a few a sourced from the internet because mine didn’t turn out so great.


(aha we’re going to completely ignore that blurred picture of myself and just focus on the pretty bg haha yes) 

The location is pretty much perfect too. Next to Infinitea, so the area’s quiet enough to enjoy a meal in peace and yet close enough to 100ft road so it’s in the happening part of town.

Coming to the menu, the main attraction is the availability of 30+ types of Biryani, which are variations of Veg, Chicken, Mutton and Prawn, which is AMAZING basically.

During the two hours I spent at the resto, I had their Chicken 65, Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani, Prawn Fry starter, Dosa Chicken and Watermelon juice.


Honestly, I LOVED all of it, my favourite being the Dosa Chicken. But honestly, if you can’t handle spicy food, this probably isn’t the place for you. Andhra food is notorious for being hella spicy and this place is no exception.

The prices are also GREAT! The Dosa Chicken which is basically 2 Dosas and Chicken Curry is priced at Rs. 170 which I think is HELLA appropriate, especially considering the quality and quantity of food they serve.

Would I go back? Definitely. Probably with family, a nice Sunday afternoon for lunch.


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