Everybody, what I’m about to tell you is about to change your life.

Okay man, your skin anyway.

I have discovered MAGIC in a 200ml and 30 ml bottle. And you NEED to get your hands on these ASAP.

Obviously not a sponsored post in any way because I’m not popular enough yet lol but out of sheer goodness of heart and kindness (and general preference for some clean, acne free faces), here’s me spilling my newfound magical skincare regimen.



I recently received an A-Derma Soothing Foaming Gel face wash sample which I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks. I LOVE it. Crafted for extremely dry skin, it’s gentle on the skin and yet once you’re done, it leaves your feeling FRESH, soft and clean as hell. Use any face wash that works for your skin, I’m merely informing you of what worked for me.

Click to buy the Soothing Foaming Gel Face Wash


But the star product let me tell you, isn’t the face wash. It’s the TONER. I use the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cooling toner immediately after washing my face, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night.


IT IS MAGIC. Fucking magic.

I was terrified my pores were getting out of hand for the longest time, a week of this wonderful toner has fixed that right up. Pores are barely visible, skin is taut, my face is clear!

And that’s the best part, this toner really goes deep into your pores and cleans it out too, or atleast that’s what I’m imagining it does, despite my washing my face really well, my toner cotton dab still always has dirt on it. It also leaves the face feeling cool and soft, which I love. And in my experience it doesn’t dry it out. But in all honesty I wouldn’t really know, the minute the wetness disappears I apply my moisturizer.

In the mornings I don’t really pay much attention, I put on my Evion or random cold creams and then follow that up with sunscreen.

In the night however Bio Oil.

81kjyqGlVyL._SY355_Bio Oil is fucking AMAZING. It’s magic in a 30ml bottle. Expensive, yes. Worth it? YES.

Every morning I wake up with a visible glow that stays throughout the day. My face never gets as dry as it used to. In fact I can notice my skin getting lighter as well. Bio oil works on pigmentation, dry skin and is absorbed in minutes. It’s extremely light for an oil and does not clog pores in any way.

Bloody brilliant.



Every morning I wake up with soft, radiant skin and honestly it’s true what they say, look good, feel good.

I feel hella good!

You see this? This is the face of someone who’s happy with their skin. And trust me, I’ve had my struggles with extreme dryness, open pores, pigmentation and scars.

MAGIC, I tell you. Magic.

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21, Bangalore.

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