I don’t care how cliched the line is, I’m still going to say it and I don’t care how people don’t care about resolutions anymore, I’ve still made them.

2017 was truly the year that was, the best year of my life. I made a ton of friends, I did five internships, I did two collaborations (hehehehehehehe), went on my first business trip (something I wouldn’t have imagined happening in my wildest dreams this quickly), learnt to say NO, embraced minimalism and learnt to walk away from things that are toxic/don’t benefit me in any way.

It’s the year I finally started to take myself seriously, set goals, develop a hustler mindset and make peace with a lot of my insecurities. It’s also the year when I developed my deep love for all money, and I guess the most important thing was the all the self-awareness and my ability to now be deeply honest with myself. I’m an incredibly materialistic person (to the idiots who are going to tell me money isn’t happiness, please speak for yourself lol the happiest I am is knowing I’ve cha-ching in my bank account and watching the cashier at Zara hand me that nice dark paper bag with my newest haul), I’m fickle and incredibly confused when it comes to relationships, I absolutely suck at receiving criticism and I’m ridiculously insecure about how fat I am and I refuse to do anything about it because I’m lazy and I’ve no control over all the food I eat. And despite all the preaching I do on my blog, I still on some days deeply hate the fact that I’m single and I’ve spent way too many nights crying about it like a lonely irrational idiot.

But fuck all that. At least I’m conscious of these things now. Baby steps, people.

This is also the last time I’m going to curse on the blog or in person or anywhere because hahahahahaha new resolution to not cuss yASSS.

So let’s head to my actual resolutions now, this post is going live at 00:00 IST and I’m writing this at 21:43 and with the way this night is going, I’m 100% going to be asleep by 22:30 and miss all the fireworks and courteous hey, happy new year man, kill it calls.

Here we go.


  • Start waking up earlier, 6 :30 am. Stretch EVERY DAY.
  • Drink water every half an hour (I’m even installing an app for this because I’m a camel and I don’t drink water)
  • Goodbye profanities.
  • Cut down on social media time.
  • Staycation every three months, SAVE UP.
  • Gentler in demeanour, fiercer in drive.
  • Compulsory seven hours of sleep, skin care routine before sleep.
  • Cut down on carbs.
  • Quit alcohol completely. Mango Pina Colada is wonderful and so is Fruit Punch.
  • Maintain an Instagram feed (uh, try anyway)
  • Do shoots with people, get interviews, NETWORK.
  • Take the stairs, skip the lift. Drink green tea at work.

Yeeep, I think that’s about it. They seem pretty simple honestly, not too far or different from what I have going on at the moment.

Honestly, this year has honestly been so great. And it flew past. I’m glad I’ve turned my life around from the miserable mess it was in the first two years of Uni. And I’m truly looking forward to kick some major ass in 2018.

And I dearly hope you do too.

Lots of love your way, reader! x



Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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