Last weekend I got the most amazing opportunity to stay at Park Hyatt, Chennai and I knew I had to write a piece about my extremely short, nevertheless satisfying stay this luxury hotel.

My colleague and I received the warmest welcome at the entrance. The attendants immediately rushed to collect our luggage from us and take it to the room. The receptionist was cheery and warm (she also upgraded our view for us despite checking in super duper late which was uh, AWESOME) and the room, I tell you. The room was honestly a piece of heaven.

We stayed in the King Room and it was just perfect for the two of us. One massive king-sized bed, the softest pillows, the nicest shower and vanity mirror and a killer view of lush greenery. The Guindy National Park is right behind the hotel so that explains it.


For dinner I visited the Flying Elephant which is an in-house fine dining restaurant of the hotel. The DJ played some pleasant beats and the ambience was absolutely lovely. Elegant decor, extremely polite waiters and free garlic bread with every order. I’m not entirely too sure about this but I think the third floor also houses a club. Or a pub. I wasn’t too hungry but we ordered a plate of French fries and Prawn Satay if I’m not wrong. I honestly don’t remember what the second item was but it had around six full prawns and I wasn’t a big fan of the layer that covered it so I unearthed the prawn and ate that alone. I honestly wish I’d skipped that cold coffee run before dinner and just focused on actually having a fine dining experience and trying more things on the menu because by the end of four prawns and half the plate of fries, I was full. And the nice waiters packed the rest of it for me in a pretty brown bag which I took back to the room and munched on later in the night.


For lunch I’d headed out to the cutest little cafe, Cafe Chamier.

Two words, HELLA CUTE.

The decor was HELLA pretty and I loved the overall feel of the place, the kind of crowd that was already there, the white walls and pretty wall art, I loved everything. That’s one place I will definitely head to again when I go back to Chennai next.

I ordered their All Day American Breakfast and my friend ordered Minute Tenderloin Steaks and Sherbet. I certainly wasn’t a fan of the Sherbet but the steaks were cooked to perfection and the broccoli, juicy and absolutely fresh.  For my own order, I asked for extra bacon instead of the hash browns (I despise potatoes unless it’s in the form of a french fry) and they graciously agreed to do the same.


I am a voracious bacon eater. I LOVE bacon and the best bacon I’d ever had was at the hotel where I stayed in Dubai (cannot recall the name) until I tasted the ones at Chamiers. Cooked to perfection. The same with the pancakes and maple syrup and eggs which I ordered sunny side up. Sausages weren’t part of the platter which sucked but there were four pieces of toast I couldn’t touch because I was too full. Along with this there was also fresh juice (watermelon, thank you) and tea (English Breakfast, always).

My colleague and I then had to get to work for the event we were organizing and the rest of the day was honestly a blur.

The next morning we woke up and headed straight to Hyatt’s stunning infinity pool, her loaded with a bomb bikini and myself in their soft white robe (curse unexpected and untimely periods, ugh. Plus I forgot to pick up tampons). The view is to die for, the pool is 4.5m deep and it’s picture perfect. We got around fifty excellent pictures I believe, simply couldn’t stop clicking, EVERY shot looked amazing in the perfect light and the perfect setting.

She swam for a bit and then we headed back to the room. We then had to rush to our event at The Savera Hotel. A blogger-influencer meet&greet, the event went well and the Sunday Brunch at Bay 146 in the Savera is truly amazing, Extremely, extremely reasonably priced and a ridiculously high number of food options. I loved every minute of it.

After this, we headed to Marina Beach, which was unfortunately crawling with people and so we headed back to the hotel, took a couple more of pictures and finally headed to the Chennai airport.

Checking out of Park Hyatt has to easily be one of the most upsetting things I’ve had to do, the stay was THAT good but extremely short. The fanciest I’ve stayed at by far is the Shangri-La but I guess I got a lot more time there than I did here. In the hustle and bustle of prepping for the event and getting things sorted, I barely got any time to explore the hotel recreation. The spa, for instance.




That will have to wait until next time, but I’m certain I will go back! Also the hotel is extremely reasonably priced, our stay cost us less than ten grand (INR) which I think is amazing for a hotel of the Hyatt’s stature.

Chennai, you were good to me.

This last weekend was pretty amazing. And I honestly hope you, my reader, had a lovely one too!



much love


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