wellness app review

I’m a sucker for home service. I generally at all costs avoid going out to get things done because I’m lazy and lol that’s no secret. So that includes all my beauty and skin care services. I guess until now the one thing I was unable to find an easy way out was for healthcare and doctors. I despise hospitals, I hate the waiting and just the general environment of the place. And so Zoctr is super duper convenient.

(I must mention upfront that this post is in collaboration with the app but I did install it and try it out for myself!)

Zoctr is a home health services app. Here are the app’s various benefits:

·         Book qualified, skilled and verified Homecare Nurses, Attendants, Doctors,

·         Physiotherapists and Medical Equipments in a few simple steps

·         Finds your location using in-built GPS and instantly match with hundred of verified medical professionals meeting your requirements

·         Get real-time confirmations with detailed staff profiles

·         Schedule Patient Assessment and Screening Visits on the go

·         Manage your Bookings including Renew, Hold and Stop bookings on the go

·         Save and manage multiple patient profiles for self and family members

·         Track staff real-time on a daily basis using in-built GPS tracking (like AMAZING because you can literally do your own thing and know exactly where they are and when they’ll get to you)

·         Provide daily staff attendance, rating, escalate issues immediately using support

·         Make online payments using payment gateway and digital wallets


You can imagine how convenient these are, especially for those who are really in need of home care. My grandmother, for instance, would have benefited deeply from this because we’re always looking for qualified, efficient home nurses to tend to her at home when the family’s not around and now I’m hoping Zoctr introduces their services in Trivandrum soon enough because it would be convenient as hell.

These are a few screenshots from my demo run of the app. I checked out the Physiotherapy and Equipment services. They also have Nurses, Doctors, and Baby Care. See how there is the option for a male or female physio and SO many types of equipment. Super convenient. This option is followed by payment and there is also the option to cancel a service in ‘Manage Your Bookings’.

Plus I like the fact that they have online payment, I remember an inconvenient mani-pedi sess I had where I was later informed only cash payments are allowed, it was annoying and I had to run to the atm huffing and puffing. Sigh.

All in all, extremely conveninent. I’m glad the service is now available in India! 5 stars.

Check it out! Hope it helps.


much love


Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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