As I mentioned in my last post, this is all about the cosmetics and makeup I use. This will also be the last post of this series. I believe my lifestyle is pretty minimalist as of now and maybe once I make more changes/buy new stuff I’ll write a new article on it.

I don’t use a lot of makeup, just lipstick and minimum eye makeup so umm, this is going to be pretty short. I’ve a lot of red lipsticks, Chambor’s Atomic Red, Maybelline 24hour stay, a lip gloss in red by Lakme and two Lakme 9-5 nudes. I hardly ever use the gloss, it won’t be long before I throw it out.

As for eye makeup, I use kohl pretty much every day, liquid eyeliner and occasionally when I need that extra oomph, mascara (god bless naturally decent lashes). 

Oh and one single nail colour always. 1, Sweet Sand, Colorbar Wonder Gel.

Uh there, that’s my makeup and cosmetics summed up. Someday soon I’ll try false lashes. And maybe learn to contour my face. Sure might be nice to have cheekbones for a change, my natural ones are unfortunately hidden under all this fat I’ve managed to acquire by stuffing my face with food all weekend (month? year?).

That’s it for today folks!

much love



Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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