I could probably rename this to Broke College Kid’s Guide to Skin and Hair Care and I think it’d still be apt.  (Just finished the article and I take this back)

Because when I minimized my skincare products, I also tried to save maximum cash. Also because I realized spending money on expensive products is pretty foolish when I can get the same results for a cheaper products.

Moisturizer. The best moisturizer isn’t that St. Ives or Jergens (I’m a living mallu stereotype and my aunts and uncles always came from the gulf loaded with Jergens and then Jergens came to India and I still love the smell and feel of it but no) or Body Shop Butter, it’s glycerin + rose water mixed in equal proportions. Trust me. It’s also probably the cheapest. I use it on my entire body post my shower at night and wake up with soft, supple skin. And this for me is rare because I have extremely dry skin. I avoid using this on exposed areas during daytime though or ensure I cover the area with a layer of sunblock. I’m not too sure why or what’ll happen but my mother has asked me to avoid going out in the sun with glycerin on, so I don’t. And I hate walking anyway because I’m a lazy fuck so this really isn’t a problem for me.

Sunblock. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock. I guess this is the one place where I refuse to compromise. I don’t really care that it costs a few bucks more because it is an excellent sunscreen and I love it plus I’m saving all that extra cash from my otherwise expensive moisturizer purchase anyway so what the hell.

Uh. Face Moisturizer. Pond’s Cold Cream. I shit you not, haha. I’m also starting to get fond of the smell and N tells me it smells like her grandmother which is a lil ehhhhh but apparently her grandmother was a kickass lady, so yay. So one huge tub of cold cream and I’m sorted. Sometimes it leaves the face a little too oily so I fix that up with baby powder. (hahahahah another mallu stereotype? giiiiiiirl you typical)

Hair Care. Truth be told I’m still only transitioning because I was an all Schwarzkopf or nothin’ girl and I’ve just discovered the secret to amaze beautiful hair – shampoo and conditioners without parabens, sulphates and silicone, and unfortunately Schwarzkopf doesn’t qualify so I’m in the process of finishing the bottles so I can start with my Meera’s Herbal Powder (YES) + Schwarzkopf Ultimate Oil Elixir Masque (INR 500 which is decent as hell for Schwarzkopf/could it be a coincidence that my favourite masque from SK is also the cheapest in their range/thanks Universe) Also well in my defense, I did need something to load my hair with moisture and the masque seems to really help in keeping the hair soft as hell, and it hasn’t affected my curls in any way so I will not be replacing that with an alternative. And post shower, always always always Argan Oil of Morocco from Organix (around INR 700-800, I don’t exactly remember and I can’t find the Light Penetrating Oil price online), but it’s worth it, it’s better than any serum I’ve ever used and it has now lasted me for definitely more than two months now and I still have more than half a bottle to go. But that could also be because I wash my hair only twice a week.

So maybe this post can only be renamed to Sort of/Not Too Broke College Kid’s Guide to Skin and Hair Care.

But remember, Quality, not quantity. Even if you’re minimizing. And I believe all products here are extremely smart and worthy investments. I’ve saved a ton of cash and I have sorta clear, good skin!

This sums up literally all of my Hair Care and Skin Care essentials I have at the moment. Uh, there is one VS scented body lotion but that’s for special occasions only when I need that extra oomph and confidence and need to smell like a dream!

Oh and here’s the result for my minimizing attempt when it comes to perfumes. I failed. I can’t. I have a ton of perfumes and scents and I refuse to give them away because I like smelling different every day. Also can you really just stick to one deodorant or one ahthar or one perfume? Nuh uh. I don’t think so. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to stick to Si by Armani for maximum occasions anyway. I love love love it! Someday maybe it’ll finally turn out to be the one and only perfume I use. My signature scent. Ayy. (Thanks Monica. I’ll be saving up for the bigger bottle soon/ best gift ever)

And that’s it for today’s Minimalism Tuesday. Next Tuesday I’ll be doing makeup and accessories mostly and that’s definitely the shortest of this series!


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