Dear Universe,

Thank you for endless opportunities and more importantly, making me smart enough to realize when they’re around and giving me the courage to go get them.

This week has been a breeze and I’ve been offered a ton of internships, all of extremely different natures but all of which surprisingly interest me, nonetheless. I’ve been unstoppable all this month.

The other day I also got an opportunity to just talk in front of my class about anything I wanted so I talked about this. It did bother me a lot that my classmates would assume I’m just an arrogant biyatch showin’ off but in the end it didn’t matter because they laughed at most of my jokes, asked me doubts and took me seriously. Also I realized that while I may not have too much to speak of, I do have a moderately decently high level of experience to speak of and I’d love to inspire others to up their hustle and show them how I do it.

It felt great.

Thank you for making me realize that the only thing that has ever held me back is my fear of embarrassing myself and being judged. Today I know that I mostly don’t give a fuck about what others think and it is inevitable that I’ll get judged by some, sometimes I will fuck up,  sometimes people will screw me over and that’s alright because as long as I don’t let it get me down, it doesn’t matter.

Failure is alright, it only pushes me to try harder and work smarter.

Thank you for nevertheless making sure that I share good relationships with most people I come across and leading supportive, sturdy friends into my life. If today I’ve the courage to put my content out here and on YouTube, and address a whole class of people without shaking and freezing and tears filling my eyes, single-handedly organizing events in Uni and making calls to people I consider important without having violent panic attacks and stuttering, it’s because of these friends who have motivated me, a teacher who took the time to speak to me, analyze what went wrong and inspired me to do better, teachers who are generally just nice to me and parents who never fail to remind me that I’m the brightest child they’ve come across and helping me boost my previously non-existent self confidence and self esteem, and fighting my anxiety. Thank you for a life blessed with tons of good people.

I dream big but I’m also completely at peace. I have everything I could possibly want. Everything else is just a pleasant addition, not a necessity. But I firmly believe that where there is scope to improve, one simply must because they can. And so that is what I’ll do. I can make more money, so I will. I can buy a pair of Louboutins and get an apartment for myself, so I will. I can make more friends, so I will. I can be a better version of myself so I will work on myself. I can and so I will.

Thank you for everything, the opportunities that are being presented, the people who find their way into my life, lessons learnt, generous inflow of money, a fine as hell brain and booty, and a strong, beautiful, beating heart.

Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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