My parents are moving to this side of town for the months remaining up till my graduation and so I’ll be moving in with them in a couple of days. I’m actually excited. Don’t get me wrong, living with my best friend is the best thing ever but living with my parents gets me a room to myself, a queen-sized bed, walls that are waiting to be decorated to my fancy (painted white, three photographs, one massive mirror). And I cannot wait. Plus chicken or fish errrryday. God bless malayalee moms.

I also realized moving will be easy peasy because my clothes take up most of my space and now I can fit all my clothes into a single suitcase. It’s amazing. I still have some odd 12 pairs of shoes probably 9 of which I never wear anymore to get sorted. I think I’ll get to that by the end of the week.

I’m really into gold jewelry now. The other day I made an excellent investment at F21 and bought myself one of those sets of ten rings, set of six pairs of earrings, a cute pendant which says nope (honestly I don’t know why though, I personally think I’m a very yasss bitch person but anyway), a simple as heck gold bracelet from and gold hoops, again from f21.

IMG_20171110_080736_295The total thing costed me a little more than INR 1500 I think, which I personally think is cheap as heck for things I’ve practically been living on since.

My next goal is to buy an actual gold bangle. Simple and thin. Pretty. And an actual investment.

I guess I mentioned these here because ever since I got them my urge to buy matching accessories for all my outfits have definitely dropped because these go with practically everything I own as of now. And they’re all so cute. Sure, I have the annoying urge to get a pretty huge silver desi jhumka once in a while, but that’s alright. I like my clean, elegant gold jewelry look quite a lot too, honestly.

I think I’ll make a skincare and makeup post next and that’s probably going the longest Minimalist Tuesday post of ’em all.



much love



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21, Bangalore.

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