Definitely think I’m taking on too much with all these series’ I’ve planned but I’m really just trying to take blogging seriously again. I feel so productive and yassI’mdoingshit when I hit that Publish button.

Today I’d like to share the story of my hair.

Till the age of 6, I had straight hair (like, what). And then it turned wavy. And then once puberty hit, it turned full blown curly.

I hated it. I got my hair temporary smoothened multiple times and I loved how it looked then. I despised my curly hair because it was unruly, it wasn’t pretty curls like I’d see on TV. It was just frizzy and odd. I don’t think anybody in my family understood my hair either because my mom would just keep asking me to brush it and I knew that’d just make it frizzier, so I wouldn’t. Also she’d ask me ask me to tie it up tight on top of my head before I’d sleep so I’d wake up with hair that was set and a little straighter. That I did.

And for the longest time I was so dreadfully confused about it. In one last desperate attempt in June of 2016 I cut the whole thing off, in ridiculous hopes that it would grow back straighter. Fucking idiot. Au contraire, it grew back curlier than ever before.

But thank god for it. It may have been curlier but it was also thicker and healthier than ever before because all of that hair I’d manage to damage the fuck out of over the years with the blowdrying and excess “straightening shampoo” and conditioning and heat I’d applied to the hair were now gone.

And I took real care of it.

For a while. And then I went straight back to blow drying the fuck out of it again because straight hair roxxx.


Hair was also growing back super quick by this time and this one time when I was complaining about my horrid hair, my roommate N pointed out something I’d never thought about. That maybe I could stop trying to turn my hair straight and focus on bettering the curls. To take care of the curls. To embrace it.

What a thought. It embarrasses me to admit it but not once did I consider doing so until she asked me to. Because I was so obsessed with straight hair. And busy hating on what I had.

So that’s what I did.

Finally, after 19 years of hating my hair, I finally decided to show it some love. And it turns out people dig curly hair. Just yesterday the cute bartender at the club I visited complimented my hair. *blush*

Thanks I’m having an especially good hair day and here’s my lovely, lovely roomie N xx

And my hair loved me right back. Today I have beautiful, black shiny curls and I love it. I love it so much. I love how I can walk into a room and have heads turns because of how exquisite my hair is. Maybe it’s the fact that in the age where everyone’s trying to get their hair smoothened and hide their curls, I have the confidence to flaunt them (some harmless light bragging never hurt nobody). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against straight hair. It’s wonderful too. Hell, I still like myself with the straight hair. But I love my curls more. You see, I was designed to have curly hair. And some people are designed to have straight. It’s all about accepting it and learning to love it. The day I decided to stop seeing it as a flaw and seeing it as something that only made me as unique as I am, my life changed.

The lesson you take away from here is, it’s all perspective.

Also love your hair. And don’t use shampoo with Silicones and parabens and sulphates. Which pretty much tells you to stay the fuck away from most commercial shampoos. Go natural. USE MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL, it’s expensive but it works as an excellent after-poo serum and smells like a dream. 100% recommend.

Thank you, lovely lovely hair. Thank you N, for knocking some sense into me.


much love



P.S –  I’m open to suggestions/recommendations/advice/any kind of comment you have about what I write. So I urge you to not hesitate to leave a comment or drop me an email. It’d probably make my day/ I truly appreciate anyone taking the time to give me honest feedback.

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