Aw hell I’m already feeling pretty awkward.

Aw hell okay, here we go.

About two weeks back I got my first Brazilian wax. I ordered it off YLG Home Services. YLG has 50% off on Bikini and Bikini line wax on Fridays (just saying). The Bikini is INR 1800, Bikini line is INR 500 and the Butt Crack is also INR 500 otherwise, excluding taxes.

I popped a Dolo half an hour before my scheduled appointment for the lack of a better painkiller. However, I do not think it made a difference. Or maybe it did, but I couldn’t make out the difference. Maybe someday I’ll get another one without the Dolo and I’ll report my findings.

The service lady came on time, made a lot of pleasant small talk, it honestly helped quite a lot because I was extremely nervous, extremely excited and super duper terrified at the same time. She then kept the wax for heating. That took a while. Around 20 minutes, I think.

By this time she had also given me a disposable sack(?) with an elastic end that would let it hang from my chest down (the usual shizz they give you during wax sessions) and set up a temporary rug situation on the floor where I was to lie down.

And then it was time.

*cold sweat*

I was to lie down on my back and then asked me to err, spread my legs.

I cannot begin to imagine how red I must have turned. And then I remembered she must have gotten to see hundreds of lady parts in her lifetime working as an esthetician. So I mustered all the courage I had and pushed all of that shyness aside and err, spread my legs.

Thus it began.

I really don’t think I have to elaborate further on what went on down there but I think I’ll address a few questions I had before I got this done.

  • The ‘bikini’ wax does not cover the bikini line, which is the sides of your vajayjay. It just completely covers that triangle on the top. Bikini line is a separate wax. Also Brazilian at YLG is a type of wax (like a chocolate wax) and unlike the usual Brazilian does not indicate that specific area (all of the bikini area and bum crack). And if you do the combination of three waxes that I did, the ENTIRE area will be waxed clean.
  • Your labia will be okay. It is terrifying that they’ll accidently rip the lips off (sorry for the graphic imagery but in my defense, I honestly had nightmares about it), they know what they’re doing. So avoid going to your local, shady places and go to an established salon. It costs a few hundred bucks more, but woman, it is your coochie we’re talking about, you do not want to screw anything up by making compromises for the sake of saving some cash.
  • It’s not strip waxing. they smear wax on there and rip the wax off with their plastic glove-laden hands. Strip waxing would probably hurt horribly down there.
  • The pain was never so unbearable that I had thoughts about stopping her midway. It was bearable. I honestly expected worse. However the ‘painless waxing’ shizz is utter nonsense. It definitely did pain. But it was around 20 minutes of bearable pain. However I definitely do not recommend this to anyone who has low pain tolerance. Shockingly, the bum crack area pained the least. The triangle above the coochie HURT but the waxing lady said that’s because it’s the first time and now the hair which grows will be thinner and less coarse, so it’ll hurt significantly lesser the next time.
  • Avoid wearing any underwear or tight clothing which touches the freshly waxed area for around 24 hours or the friction will cause ingrowth.
  • Ladies, wait until a week after or before your period because the skin is sensitive and pain tolerance low in those three weeks. This gives you a very small window, yes. But it will hurt the least then.
  • The growth since then has been super super duper slow and I cannot begin to tell you how soft and smooth it is down there. Like a baby butt.
  • Post wax – use glycerin+rose water(my go-to moisturizer)/ keep the area clean but do not use soap and dry the fuck out of the area/use a light moisturizer/ use ALOE VERA gel (most recommended) basically anything that will keep the area cool and moisturised.
  • Please know that in some cases, because the protection that the hair down there provides is suddenly lost, you could be prone to infections, SO TAKE CARE. I use V Wash Wipes. My friend tells me it’s no good and dries the lady part out, but in my experience it has worked just fine. Maybe I’ll try using V Wash regularly for a month and report my observations. Also, this is just random info and post my wax I definitely did not experience this but in case you do develop a yeast infection (relax, it’s shockingly more common than you think and the basic symptom is excess discharge), dab coconut oil completely in the vajayjay area. It helps balance out the bacteria situation and is a quick fix.
  • As for hair growth, it’s been two weeks and hair growth is minimal. It IS growing in some areas but super slowly.
  • Will I get it done again? Yep, probably next month. Whenever it’s of appropriate lenght. Like half an inch.

Overall, I definitely recommend YLG’s home services for the same. They also have the online payment option post getting your service done which is convenient as hell.

This article is definitely aimed at my female readers but I also have a guy friend who’s planning to get one done, so maybe once he does I’ll ask him to guest contribute a post on his experience!

So I conclude by saying, ladies, if you’d like for yourself a smooth coochie and you have moderate to high pain tolerance, go for it!


much love



I feel, I must put a disclaimer here because times are tough and statements are controversial, and go on to say, if you’re pro body hair, you go girl! I’m not against it, but I personally like my skin smooth and hairless. It’s a super personal choice and I’m in no way encouraging anything. This is simply a review.

You guys I also have a YouTube channel now. Do check it out. One of the videos is down this page (scroll down to the very bottom!)

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