Minimalism Tuesdays

Greetings, readers!

This is update numero uno.

Minimalism Tuesdays is going to be my weekly series chronicling my journey to become a minimalist.

Decluttering has always helped me, the act and sometimes even just watching videos about it. It calms me down. I’ve always been a fan of order and organization. Over time I’ve also realized that when I’m happy, I ensure there is no mess around me and clothes/books/clutter pile up when I’m going through tough phases.

I guess in a way, my desire to be a minimalist is a step towards staying as happy as I can be in life.

These posts aren’t going to be very long, they may just be a line or two because I don’t expect to do a lot in a week.

Yesterday I decluttered my wardrobe. I packed away about 40 items of clothing into suitcases and large bags.

I’m now left with –

  • Two dresses
  • A leather jacket, a sweater, a sweatshirt, a jean jacket
  • A white cami bodysuit, regular black cami
  • Six pairs of socks
  • Two pairs of jeans, dark blue and black
  • Seven kurtas (uhhhhh)
  • Black leggings, black skirt, one pair of jean shorts
  • Two white blouses, one grey blouse
  • A white shirt and a black one
  • Fourteen pairs of bras and underwear, it made no sense to not keep them. Minimalist or nah, no compromising on my lingerie y’aaaaaalllll
  • Three t-shirts for everyday/night wear, one pair of loungewear shorts
  • One nightgown

And that totals up to 30 items of clothing excluding socks and lingerie. I didn’t even have a target number of clothing items in mind, I just decided to pack up everything BUT those items of clothing I know I love and could wear every day.

As a person who previously HATED having to repeat outfits, this is tough. But I’ve also realized that was merely because I worried about what people would think about it/ people who follow me on my social media, daaaaaamn won’t they assume this chick got no money?


How shallow of me. Also how pompous to assume other people have the time to think and worry about what I wear and if I’m repeating outfits. Because they really don’t. Hell, I wore the same white cami bodysuit to two consecutive events one day after the other and nobody cared. Also because I very smartly paired it up the first time with a leather jacket and second time with a jean jacket.

I guess, the key is to learn how to mix it up even if you just have basics and accessorize. I think I should make another post about the accessories I own. And maybe get pictures for this one. Or maybe I’ll make another Youtube video, I haven’t put one up in a while. Uni is taking up a lot of my time now though, I’m doing my dissertation on TV shows.

I will soon be donating all the packed up clothes but after waiting a month or two and observing if at any point I feel the need to pick out one from the pile. In which case I will. I’m not punishing myself after all. It just makes sense. Also, I’m going to get to save a ton of cash by avoiding my random shopping sprees during sales and just whenever I’m bored.

There are some basics I still need to stock up on though. The same cami bodysuit in black, a knee-length black dress, replace my worn out leather jacket with a Zara one (heh) and a nice black blouse.

Is it possible I’m going for an all b&w wardrobe? It certainly is!

As for how I feel about all this from a purely emotional perspective, I feel great! I don’t spend hours trying to pick one outfit, I’m doing my laundry practically every day and I’ve also developed an unexpected new habit of ironing my clothes. I guess I like the feel of crisp, clean, no-nonsense outfits. My mind feels cleaner. Less cluttered. I’m updating my calendar a LOT more regularly (Google Calendars are the best), I’m getting all my tasks done, I’m also saving a ton of cash.

Less is truly more!



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