I’ve had a terrible day and I need a pep talk.

Affirmation time, yasss.

You are single, fierce and fabulous.

You are whole. You do not need a partner to complete you. Work to be the best version of yourself. Take yourself out shopping and on dates to nice restaurants, go on a holiday, get a massage, learn one new thing every day, pamper yourself, take care of your body. LOVE yourself. A romantic relationship is only an addition, never a necessity.

Love will find you. And when it does, you will welcome it with open arms and a heart that brims with hope and unwavering faith. You grow stronger in spirit every day and when you do one day fall in love, you will be ready to accept from the very depths of your being, the phenomenon in all its magic and glory.

You will achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, be it your own PR firm, the sports car registered in your name or an apartment in your favourite part of the city. Work for it. Never doubt yourself or your dreams. And never ever lose faith in your hustle.

You are stronger than every hurdle life will throw your way and you will defeat every obstacle that prevents you from reaching your dream. You are an unstoppable force. Walk with your head held high and proud, sit tall and let your unshakeable confidence radiate at all times.

Empower others. Smiles are free. Kindness is always appreciated.

The Louboutins are coming. So is the apartment with the white walls and minimal furniture where your adoring cat waits by the door every day for you to get back from work and rub against your legs. The sleek black sports car cannot wait to be introduced to your garage. A partner who inspires you and is your rock cannot wait to be introduced to you, fall in love with your big happy heart and swoon every day at that cute butt.

Have a little faith, my love.


P.S – Can we take a moment to talk about Stranger Things Season 2? Arriitee y’all, I just finished watching it (SPOILER ALERT) and I’ve mixed feelings. Ending’s intense, a little too perfectly happy ending-y, but honestly, they had me at Mike and Eleven’s kiss, my heart melted into a pool, oh my. I prefer season 1 any day, this season feels a little too dragged and slow.






Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

3 replies on “Single, Fierce and Fabulous

  1. Your writing inspires me. I wish I could write like you. You write how I feel, even if I can’t express it.

    Awesome Karthika Anand. You are one true motivation goddess I have came across!

    Keep Up the good work . I look forward to your writing


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