So the other day I saw a SugarBear Hair ad on Kim K’s Instagram story and I decided I should check it out. The whole Kardashian clan has been speaking highly of this hair care wonder product for so long. The benefits are supposed to be thicker hair, less hair fall and stronger nails. So I checked out their website. Seemed decent enough. Rave reviews.

But it’s 30 dollars for a month’s worth of bears and if I had to get it imported, I’d have to pay extra for customs so it really didn’t seem too economically practical for me. Also it’s 4560 on eBay. So I decided to research further. What IS the ingredient in Sugar Bear which makes it such a wonder product? 

The answer is Biotin. It’s an important vitamin which just does not get consumed enough in our diet. And it promotes healthier hair, nails and energy production in the body.

So I ordered it off Amazon after reading about fifty reviews from various parts of the world and it’s been close to two weeks and I’M ALREADY SEEING RESULTS YOU GUYS.

I’ve always had a tiny bald spot-ish patch at the crown of my head because the hair there doesn’t grow and I had been too scared to thread the part entirely off so I’ve a nice, neat hairline because what if i look like a bald freak because my forehead looks too big?????

Can’t take such risks.

At least now.

Actually now that I think of it I should probably try it now because I’ve semester break going and I’m sitting and chilling at home for two weeks.

But wait, Biotin’s working so I don’t think I’ll have to, yasssss.

So anyway, I found Zenith Nutrition’s Biotin dietary supplements, 60 capsules (INR 820), each capsule containing 10,000mcg of biotin.


Now Sugar Bear only has 5000mcg but the recommended dosage is twice a day. So I applied my personal calculations and added to it all the reviews I read about how miraculously fast the 10,000mcg caps worked and decided to go with that. Zenith Nutrition, however, does have a 5000mcg variant if you’re interested in those.

So for side effects, I have had none so far. But I did read a few of reviews complaining about breakouts after one-two weeks for those using the 10000mcg supplements. But personally my skin is tough and I usually never have any kind of reactions to anything I consume (god bless my excellent immune/digestive/circulatory system whatever is responsible for that stuff, jeez biology man smh), so all of you who are prone to skin trouble/reactions, I’d advise you to consult your doctor first or start on a lower dose and gradually work your way up if at all the results appear to be slow/you’re dissatisfied. But really I’d advise you to consult your doctor first.

So coming back to my experience with Biotin. As for the hairfall, I was losing hair in abundance previously. Wayy too much hair, I tell you, it was terrifying and I was pretty certain I’d go bald soon but I can actually feel a slight difference in the hairfall. I don’t get clumps of hair stuck in my comb or in the shower drain, so yay! As for new hair, LOTS. Tiny ones, all over the crown of my head, looks messy as hell but I couldn’t care less, it’s new hair guys YAY. As for nails, well, nothing’s breaking yet but I’m only in the process of growing them so I don’t know yet but I’ve a good feeling about it anyway.

Overall, a fantastic discovery, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase already in just two weeks and I’d definitely recommend it to all those who are having trouble with hair fall and, weak hair and nails!

Links to all the products mentioned

Biotin 10000mcg

Biotin 5000mcg

Sugar Bear Hair


much love




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21, Bangalore.

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