Reader! I could use your help today.

Upgrading my blog to a .com tonight and I’m kind of torn between what name to use! I might just go with my full name instead of inkheartess because I wish to diversify and start writing lifestyle and wellness posts (the first one is coming up in a week), and theinkheartess just sounds too literary, you get me?

I guess using my name just keeps my options open and gives me space to experiment with my blog. However the thought of parting with the name I’ve had for more than a year now brings me great distress. My niche will always be Relationships of course, so this is deeply confusing.


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21, Bangalore.

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  1. I am an avid reader of WordPress blogs and Quora. In my opinion, you are just as unique as your sobriquet. But should you stick to it? I don’t think so. You are writing great content these days and there is a kind of a disconnect between those and you – ‘theinkheartess’. May be it’s time to kiss goodbye to an old friend!

    By the way, the content always makes the name famous right? Sachin Tendulkar, Sundar Pichai, Coldplay, Heath Ledger, etc.. Your blog posts are really fresh and energetic. I am surprised to see you taking so much effort on this. That kind of tells the importance of the big step that you are taking.

    Like many of your followers, I can’t wait for the your new .com. All the best.


    1. Thank you! But after much consideration, I’ve decided to go with
      Someday maybe I’ll have another website when I decide to do other things but the inkheartess will remain as my writer alter ego! :’)

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  2. Theinkheartess is good actually because, I didn’t think its only representing literature and all, In fact ‘Ink’ can represent anything, I am digital designer and build and design Brands so I am saying in a professional point of view


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