You awe me every day 

I think of you and pride fills my heart. Life has been particularly onerous from when you were far too young, but you’ve battled and risen past each bump in the road, risen like a phoenix from ashes.

You’re a fighter. And you inspire me every day.

I’ve traced the scars on your skin and they only tell me you were stronger than everything life has thrown at you to bring you down. Souvenirs from battles won.

And suddenly it feels like you’re going through a particularly tough phase and it breaks my heart. And this letter is to remind you to stay strong and keep fighting.

The day is not far when the past will stop clawing at you, causing this ache in your heart. The day isn’t far when it’ll finally stop hurting. But you need to hold on, and baby, as quick as the fix is, whisky is but temporary solace.

You’re a dreamer. But even better than that, you’re an achiever. I genuinely cannot wait for the day you get commissioned and I get to see you in uniform. I think I’ll weep with sheer joy.

(also 18 inches, ayyy)

So hustle until then. Hustle until one day you sit back in an armchair, memories replaying in your mind and there’s a peg of the finest scotch whisky in your hand, and you smile. You smile because you don’t drink to escape reality anymore, you drink to celebrate it. You smile because you’ve achieved every single goal you’ve ever dreamt of achieving and life is exactly how you want it to be. You’ll smile because the hustle has been hard but it’s been worth it.

And lastly, (hah this is of course my favorite because love is fantastic and I’m a romantic 4evzz and despite my already having said this to you 38795 times, I’m going to say this again) never give up on love. Some day in the near future, you’re going to find a beautiful heart that’s going to feel like home. And for the first time you’ll know what it’s like to be loved unconditionally, without the slightest trace of doubt. There will be no more pain, you’ll create a million new memories, pure, happy, absolutely beautiful ones, the past won’t hurt you anymore, it’ll reduce to mere blur. You see, you’ll be deliriously happy. Love is a choice, and she’ll choose you every day.

So believe it. You are going to be okay. You are not alone. And you’re going to achieve every mfkn dream you’ve ever had.

Now, hustle.

You’re a beast, boy. Never ever fail to remember that.


Much love xx


Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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