For N and S, 

This letter is for all those times I couldn’t vocally express how much I fucking love you ladies and how much you mean to me and how much my life would absolutely suck whale cock if you weren’t in it.

Thank you.

Thank you for the hugs when I was breaking down and weeping like a fucking sad fuck and complaining about how much I despise being single and alone. Thank you for taking me seriously when I was in my fucked up hate phase and promising to always be there, and most importantly, thank you. For being there. Every single time.

Thank you for patiently listening to my endless rants about stupid boys (especially you, N), terrible dates and my countless insecurities and always saying nice things, encouraging me to feel better and love myself and always making me feel good.

Thank you for understanding and never taking it personally when I’d PMS like a bitch and snap like a stupid, immature fuck (I’m sorry guys). Thank you for coming along for my spontaneous shopping moods (especially you, S) and never complaining even if I left buying nothing new. Thank you for not rubbing it in my face when I had my hypocritical smoking phase.

Thank you for all the appreciation, motivation and compliments, if only you guys knew how it has helped my previously non-existent self esteem.

Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on through unhealthy, toxic relationships, fuckboys and always asking me to put myself first and helping me learn to fucking love myself. Thank you for spontaneous last minute clubbing-partying plans, sleepovers, photo sessions and cuddle-snuggle sess’s.

Thank you for Unicorns, PowerPuff ladies and all the other names we’ve previously designated for ourselves. Thank you for never judging my terrible decisions/ lifestyle choices. Thank you for being the Carrie and Miranda to my Samantha. Thank you for all the feel-good bitching and gossip sess. Thank you for being the sole reason why Uni doesn’t suck and being the only reason why I’m not a fucking loner in class. Thank you for the coffee/egg puff/nandini chai/movie runs. Thank you for being yourselves and existing. Thank you for being so absolutely awesome.

Thank you for making me feel important, like I’m a part of something.

God, I so fucking love you guys.




Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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