You’ve made a complete and total mess of your life so far, and I’m glad you’re finally waking up and seeing the light. Thank you for finally realizing that it is time to fix things.

You’ve been blessed with a combination of your insanely smart parents’ brain and we both know that hands down you are the smartest person among your peers. USE IT. I know studying last minute and still managing to score gives you a kick, but enough. It is an utter waste of your potential and watching Parks and Rec all day before the exam is the most useless, non-productive activity I can think of at this point. Study. Because you can. And a 4 point CGPA is achievable. WORK FOR IT.

Stop running behind true love and stupid boys. Like honestly, aren’t your 35678 failed relationships a testament to this little idea that maybe now just isn’t the time? Also we both know you hate stupid boys who waste away their time smoking pot/doing drugs/other intoxicants and have zero focus on their future, so why are you even bothering with them? Flash forward to 6 years from now, when you’ll finally have peers who are equally motivated to live the good life like you are. And then maybe you’ll find someone who’s just like you and just perfect for you – positive, successful and kind.

You are a reservoir of talents and we both know you’ve wasted them all this while since Uni started. Think about school, all your achievements, how you were every teacher’s favorite student while still playing around and having fun and how you blew away minds excelling in everything you put your heart to? What the fuck happened? What happened to the girl who played every sport she possibly could, sang, debated, acted and did everything she possibly could to use up her time and still topped her class? Watching TV shows isn’t a hobby, it’s a useless waste of time. PARTICIPATE. Put your heart and soul into college activities. Make yourself proud again.

Make your own money. We both know it’s all that matters to you at the moment, it’s your key to living the good life. We both know you cringe with guilt every time your parents deposit cash in your bank account. It’s time to do something about it. USE YOUR TALENT AND PASSION. Make those portraits in your head come to life. Work on that photo series draft. Find those models. Practise. Build that portfolio. Excel. Never stop watching those Lightroom and PS videos. Make your own pocket money. Make yourself proud. Make Momzilla and Dadzilla proud. You have all summer.

Do anything and everything that makes you happy. Happiness is the ONLY thing worth fighting for. Travel more, socialize even more. Haven’t these past few weeks been the absolute best? Doesn’t it feel great to have a lot of friends to talk to? To count on? To have mad fun with? And to just not feel lonely like before? So don’t stop. Talk more. Go out more. Meet more people. Build a circle, a gang, a community of friends. Don’t stop. Plan a trip, get drunk out of your mind, freak out, pet a python, lose sleep partying, live your life. You are in your second year of Uni, HAVE FUN. Parks and Rec can wait. Opportunities will not.

Scale of 1 to 10, I know your happiness is at 11 now because duh writing is the best feeling. Okay lol bye now go study for 2 hours and do whatever the fuck you feel like doing, but make sure it makes you hella happy and you aren’t just doing it because you’re bored out of your mind.


P.S – if you’re bored out of your mind mass text all your friends, it always helps. But I didn’t need to tell you that, you would’ve done it anyway lmaokbye


Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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