You are but just 19. Your life awaits to be lived, memories await to be made, and many, many moments of happiness await to come alive.

Worry not, sweet thing.

Someday you’ll meet a beautiful man and he’ll treat you exactly how you wish to be treated. He’ll give you kisses on the cheek when you least expect it, tight hugs when you need it the most, tight hugs when you do those little things you’ll always do to bring a smile on his face, and flowers, just because you like them. He’ll appreciate you. With him, you’ll understand for the first time, what making love feels like. He’ll tell you that you’re beautiful. Your rituals won’t be silly anymore and he’ll understand how you value small joys and gestures.  The only pain you’ll feel with him would be your tummy aching from laughing too hard and the only tears you’ll shed will be ones of sheer joy. He’ll respect you and treat you with the kindness you deserve. He’ll understand you and your ways, You’ll never go to bed upset and feeling lonely, there will not be nights spent crying and mornings waking up with swollen eyes, you’ll never feel like you’re not a priority, you’ll never feel like a second choice again. You’d be the only choice. And he’ll choose you every day.

Worry not, sweet thing.

Someday, you’ll figure your way out. Someday you’ll finally understand what your passion and talents are. You’ll create a path for yourself. You will ace it. You will emerge the best at what you do, merely because you worked long and hard before you stumbled upon it. I know you worry you’ll never really find your forte, but I promise you, you will. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing. Try everything that appeals to your wild heart. And one day, it’ll all fall into the right places and you will know what you truly want to keep doing, what gets your heart racing and unleashes your creative energy.

Worry not, sweet thing.

You are not alone. Your friends love you. You will not be judged for breaking down and crying unstoppably. They will understand, just let them in. I know seeming weak terrifies you, but who are you playing pretence for anyway? Your fear is what weakens you. Let yourself be vulnerable, let yourself be smothered with hugs and kisses, let them help you heal.

Worry not, sweet thing.

The wounds will heal, the scars will fade and you will be alright again.

Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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