Unusual. That’s what I’d call what we have. I do not know if this is love, for the movies, the books and the music tell me love is forever and always, and this isn’t so. I never worry about the future, I never wonder if we’d grow old together. I sure hope she’ll stick around, anyone who’s ever had her in their lives probably would. She’s like those first rays of the sun after what seems like forever of dark, cloudy skies following the rains; ever instilling hope in your heart. Her happiness is infectious. I know I hold a special place in her heart, we’ve been together long enough for me to understand that.
She does these little things, you see, that make my heart melt. Things to make my bad days better and good days even brighter. She believes in small joys and finding happiness in the little things. If only you could see how her face lights up when I give her one of those long kisses on the forehead; her blush, when I put my arms around her, give her a squeeze and hold her tight; the sheer happiness in her voice, how it goes all soft, when I call her in the morning as I wake up, she loves my sleepy voice, she says.
She has her bad days, a rogue tear or two slip down her cheeks despite her best efforts to hide them, and she curls up into a ball in my lap. It breaks my heart when I think back on everything she’s told me in those rare, vulnerable hours. So much pain, so much insecurity that she so effortlessly conceals. So I do then what I know will make her feel better; I hold her in my warmth and kiss her sad eyes, if only you could see the smile that breaks onto that endearing little face then.
Maybe it’s not that I don’t worry about the future, maybe it’s just that then there is always the possibility of one without her to think about and that makes me sad. So for now, I thank my stars for her having found a way into my life and I, into hers. I thank my stars for every day that has passed once I’ve met her, they’ve been my happiest in a long, long time. She’s my best friend, you see and I think I’ll call this love.
Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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