There are two kinds of men that you’ll meet in life. One breaks your heart and your spirit, leaves you feeling worthless clinging on to the pain of loss and wondering what you did wrong. He promises you the world, makes you feel special, says that he loves you and calls you his. You’re on top of the world, you’re falling so hard and the increasing intensity of your feelings for him overwhelm you. You let yourself be his and give him your heart. And then one day, something goes wrong and it’s a downward spiral from there on. You find out about his lies; it shocks you how easily you let yourself be played. You’re angry at him, at your situation and most of all, yourself. You’re humiliated at the thought that all you were was a plaything to someone you thought was your world. It ends, he leaves and you’re left in a depressed daze; a shattered broken heart, a long journey of picking up the pieces and fixing yourself. The scars remain, they always will, but you hope someday you’ll make peace with them.

And then you meet the other kind of man. He helps you heal. He helps you pick up the pieces, makes you feel stronger, and makes you not miss the first man so much. He gives you hope, makes you laugh, holds you in his strong arms when you have those rare wild tears streaming down your cheeks and treats you how you deserve to be treated. You start to let down all the walls you built up because you’ve finally accepted all men are not the same and are ready to trust someone again, to just let someone in. You’re terrified of being disappointed again; you don’t know if you’ll be able to take it if that happens, but you’re brave. You’re brave enough to take a chance. And this is the best part. You’ll never regret taking this chance, because this man, he’s not going to disappoint you. He’ll make you happy, tell you the first man’s a fool and never deserved you, and you’ll believe him because you’re finally where you wanted to be; you’re with someone who does deserve you and you’re healed. This man, will be your best friend. And one thing is for certain I promise you, he’ll help you find love again.

Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

6 replies on “Of Men and Love

  1. Yours is the kind of blog I’ve been searching for a very long time, I like it so much!

    I’ve met the first man and hell how much the scars he left me hurt 🙂 But I’m my second man. Now I find happiness in every little thing, every day. Like that post you had on The Artelier


  2. Well written. However, life is rarely so binary. There’s a spectrum between the heart-breaking-asshole and the one-true-love. Perhaps there are men (and women) with whom you fall in love, learn a lot and, more often than not, grow apart.


  3. Some stop with second and find solace in him.. Some continues to search and find one.. And some never finds one .. Finally marry the one comes along..This is same for both guys too… Anyway good analysis


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