Summer of ’16

Summer of ’16, changed everything.

I finally got over the man who broke my foolish heart and let go of everything I had held on to; my memories with him, my feelings for him and my deep sense of hurt at his betrayal. Summer of ’16, I finally forgave him in my heart and let him go.

I caved in to my deepest inner desires, I gave in to the lust that I’d always been too inhibited to act on or express. Summer of ’16, I let myself free, opened my heart and liberated myself.

I met a man who is nothing like anyone I’ve met before, who made me feel stronger than ever without realizing it, and we formed a connection I cannot put to words and nor do I feel compelled to. It is beautiful, it is comfortable and it is heart-warming. Perfectly imperfect, devoid of expectations or promises and yet filled with much joy and happiness. Summer of ’16, I realized tags are unnecessary and it is the fear of the end of something, anything that ruins the magic of the experience.

I wrote my heart out and found solace in the same. Summer of ’16, I realized writing is my favourite escape.

Summer of ’16, I found happiness in the little things.

Summer of ’16, I finally healed.