But you have what I can never have.
You have his heart.
And I may try, but he will never be mine. I can enchant him temporarily but that is all I will ever be for him, an object of lust, a lust that will fade over time and turn us into partial strangers, devoid of any real feelings for each other but with soft memories of uninhibited passion and good times till we grow apart and i can hold on no longer.
You ask me why I held on despite coming to realise the truth about you, despite finding out all his lies. Because like a fool, I’d never given up on hope. I thought he’d realise the intensity of my feelings for him and choose me over you. I had fallen so hard, so foolishly. But you are things I will never be, you are everything he has ever wanted and you are capable of making him happy in a way I never could. And he, is a darned fool.

Posted by:karthikaaaa

21, Bangalore.

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